Photo of the Week (#1)

Saturday, May 15, 2010
I know I should be sleeping now coz I have to go to my dentist's clinic early in the morning to have my stitches removed but... I'm not ready to sleep yet. Hehe!

I was actually browsing through the photos in my PC and I found this interesting one:

It was taken after a late dinner right outside Dencio's in Tagaytay on the night of our 1st wedding anniversary / The Memet's 31st birthday. =D

In case you still haven't figured it out, that's me in the picture. Hehe! The wind was so strong and it was uber cold. Sigh... I miss the January weather in Tagaytay...

Anyway. I noticed that I have a lot of nice and interesting photos, so I have decided that going forward, I'm going to post 1 photo every weekend that'll serve as the "Photo of the Week". Cool, eh? Hehe.

Well, ciao for now! I'll go play some Plants vs Zombies then I'll head off to la-la-land. Hehe. =D

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