By Jove!

Friday, June 04, 2010
This is a totally random post... As random as it gets. Hehehe!
I just happened to use the expression "By Jove" while posting a comment on Mareng Y's blog, and suddenly, I wondered... Where did I get that expression? I've been thinking for the past few minutes, but I really can't remember. I probably heard it in a movie or something. I don't think I read it in a book. Hehe.

Anyway, "By Jove" is sorta like "My God".

Where did it come from? Here's a short answer by WikiAnswers:

"By jove is an exclamation of surprise. Jove is a euphemism for Jupiter, the Roman King of Gods. The Greeks call him Zeus. The expression seems first to have appeared in the 1500's (Cassells). Putting it into a simpler way, it is like saying My God, By God, (in this case, by Jupiter.)"

So there. I hope I was able to impart new knowledge to my readers. Hehe. Try it out one of these days. ;-)

Hmm... Maybe I'll start posting random bits of trivia every now and then. Lord knows I pick up lots of them here and there. Hehe. =D

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  1. thanks for the new word :-) By Jove!

    Have a happy weekend :-)

  2. I think it's a cute expression:-)
    But I often only hear or read it from older characters:-)

  3. Hi Seth! Thanks. :) Have a happy weekend as well! :)

    Hi Mare! Yeah, I think I heard it in one of those old movies... Setting was prolly around the 1600s... Haha!


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