Late Father's Day Post

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
As mentioned in my previous blog entry, the Memet and I took our families to Gerry's Grill in SM Marikina last Sunday to celebrate Father's Day.

We were a party composed of 11 adults and 2 kids. Quite a big group... Hehe. All the restos in SM Marikina were filled to the brim that evening and so we had to wait for an available table. I think we waited close to 45 minutes. It was okay though. We were enjoying ourselves. I think I was the only one who was hungry. LOL!

Hmmm. So why did we choose Gerry's Grill? Well, it was The Memet and I who were paying for dinner so we went for the most affordable yet yummy option. Haha! T'was a small treat for our Papa and Dada. :) We're very lucky to have such loving and fun Dads. Really. My dad's young at heart and he's so much fun to hang out with. So's my father in law. I'm blessed because after I got married, I ended up with 2 great fathers. What more can I ask for? :D

To The Memet, you're not a father yet, but I'm sure you'll be a great one when the time comes. In the mean time, everyday's Husband's Day just for you. Hehe. :)

That said, here are some photos from our Father's Day dinner. The rest will be uploaded in my FB account maybe by Friday. :p

My mom and dad:

Dave and Yham:

Me, Dave, Yham, and She (my cousin):

My two moms:

My father in law:

Me and The Memet (I was tired and hungry. LOL!):

Ate Ana & Micah:

The whole gang without me and The Memet:

Once again, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all awesome dads out there! XD


  1. I like how you've captured your parents looking at each other. Makes me want to become a photographer too.

  2. Thanks. :) You should try it. It's fun. Nakakabawas ng stress. Hehe. ;-)

  3. When I get a job I'll buy a camera:-) You didn't alter this anymore, right?
    Please extend my regards to your family.

  4. It should be easier for you to get a cam there. I believe some gadgets are cheaper over there. Mas mahal dito coz of taxes and stuff when they're imported. LOL. So get a job na! Hehe. ;-)

    No major alterations. Just added my name on the pics. =D

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