The Memet Series: I Love You, Good Night

Tuesday, June 01, 2010
It's 1:26am on my PC clock right now. I know I mentioned in another blog post that I'll be on the 6am-3pm shift for 5 weeks, but things came up and I had to change my shift yet again. Now, it looks like I'll be on a 10pm-7am shift for the next 4 weeks. :(

It was actually a phone call from the Memet that nudged me to blog right now. It's already past 1am and he's still awake. He couldn't sleep because I wasn't there in bed, next to him. Our phone conversation was like all our other phone conversations. Light, fun, and filled with our funny private language. But as we were saying good night, tears started plopping onto my cheeks. I didn't let it show through my voice though.

*Sigh* I'm happy that I have a husband as loving and understanding as the Memet. At the same time, I'm sad that I can't be there beside him to lull him to sleep. I won't be there when he wakes up later... Won't be there to bid him goodbye when he leaves for work.

Sometimes I wanna give up everything just so I can be there for him like any normal wife. But we both know that I need this job since we're still saving up. Earlier during the phone call, I was kidding around with him, telling him that he should help me look for a different job. He said I can be his secretary when he becomes the Department Head for Engineering at our Municipal Hall. He is being considered for the post since the last one's been asked to resign. He's hugely hesitant though because if the post is officially offered to him and he accepts, his contract will be co-terminus with the current Mayor. So if the Mayor doesn't get re-elected for another term in the next election, The Memet won't have a job. On the up-side, being The Memet's secretary / personal assistant sounds like a lot of fun. Hehehe.

Anyway, I just needed to vent. I'm sure we'll get the hang of things soon enough. I'm just terribly missing him right now...

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  1. You're still lucky to have someone like him:-)
    You'll make it Mare, this is just a test.

  2. Thanks, Mare. :)

    The Memet's not perfect, he has shortcomings every now and then. But he makes up for it with so many other things. Little things that remind me how lucky I am that God gave him to me. :)


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