Photo of the Week (#6)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I really shouldn't be up yet but since my body refuses to go back to sleep, I'm up and blogging instead. Haha! I can't think of anything else to blog about at the moment, so I'm posting my 6th photo of the week. ;-)

This one was taken on the evening of Father's Day in SM Marikina. Dan and I decided to treat our dads (and families) to a small dinner at Gerry's Grill. :) I took loads of photos that night, but this is one of many that I particularly like:
This here's my brother's girlfriend, Yham. She's very easy to photograph because she's very pretty. :) She's tired that day, but was smiling throughout dinner. Hehe. I hope they get married soon. My brother said it might take a while before that happens because they're still saving up. Hehe. Challenging times. :p


  1. You really have an eye for taking photos:-) You should post more, do you have a flikr? Miss you mare!

  2. Teehee! Thanks! =D I'm still trying to improve my craft. Mejo madaming click pa ang gagawin ko kasi noob parin ako. :)

    I have a Flickr account, pero hindi parin PRO so I don't really upload much there... Karamihan nasa FB or nasa PC ko lang. Hehe.

    Miss you toooooo! =D


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