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Monday, July 05, 2010
Blogger Lizz Buenaventura is holding another contest, and this time, I thought I'd join. Love the items that're up for grabs! Teehee!

1) Eight (8) full-sized Candy*Shop nail polishes (various colors)
2) 1 TonyMoly travel-sized BB Cream
3) 1 Holika Holika Garden Recipe travel-sized Body Wash
4) 1 Organic Farm full-sized Lip Gloss
5) 1 Flory Ann full-sized Lip Gloss
6) 1 Skin Food Omija Whitening Gift Set
7) 2 Innis Free Green Tea Seed Serum
8) 1 InnisFree Green Tea Gift Set (contains serum and lotion)
9) 2 Sticker Sets
10) 1 Nail Art Sticker Set
11) 1 Skin79 Hydro Repairing Mask Sheet
12) 1 *adorable* Kapibarasan Notepad

See? I just love cute, adorable stuff:

Anyway, in order to qualify, I need to answer this question: "What Korean beauty product are you interested in trying out from the Krazy/Beautiful store?"

My answer: Hyalin's Beauty Insurance BB Cream! :D I've been wanting to try BB Creams for quite some time, but I never did because none of the available ones were organic. Thanks to Lizz, I can finally try an organic BB Cream! :D I hope it works well on my skin. :D I will actually go to the bank later, as soon as it opens, to pay for my order. Hehe. Can't wait to get it. :) You can also check out the other items that Lizz has for sale.

If you'd also like to join, just go on over to Lizz's blog and check out the mechanics. This contest is open only to Philippine-based readers though. :)

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