Commuter Chronicles # 9

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
I've taken to wearing dresses more often at work and while it's all girly and nice to look at, I realized that commuting while wearing an above-the knee dress is more difficult than it looks.

First and most important of all, when wearing a dress that sort of billows with the wind, you have to make sure that the people around you don't get a free peek at your undies. Another difficulty that I've encountered is when wearing pencil skirts or dresses with either a pencil cut or straight body, it is sooo difficult trying to sit at the back of the fx because it hitches up when you sit down. And Lord knows how uncomfortable the seats are at the back of those passenger vehicles.

Anyway, I guess I'll get used to it and I'll learn some tips and tricks to make wearing a dress to work easier for my commuting self. Hehe.

A thought I've been playing with is getting a car of my own. Ta-da! LOL. Well, if I had my own car, I wouldn't have to worry about how I sit or if other people are seeing stuff they shouuldn't be seeing. Hahaha! PLUS, I wouldn't have to struggle with all the stuff that I carry around. Yep, I always carry loads of things coz aside from my usual office bag, my mom in law also packs lunch for me, and I also have to bring my clients' orders which aren't always very light.

Getting a car. Ha! As if it's as easy as buying cellphone. But The Memet and I have been admiring 2 Hyundai models.

I personally like the i10. I think it's super cute. :D

The Memet likes the Getz model because it's very roomy.

The price? Not bad... But it's almost the same price as our 2 year old Vios. Haha!

Hyundai i10 - Php578,000 (1.2 GLS AT w/airbag)
Hyundai Getz - Php498,000 (GL 1.1 CRDi MT)

The i10's a bit more expensive but if we had the money, I would choose that over the Getz because it has automatic transmission. It's been ages since I last drove a MT.

Are there cheaper car models that you know of that comes in AT? Not that I'm really gonna buy my own car in the near future. LOL!


  1. I've read in some automobile forum that Hyundai i10 is good. Hubby and I wanted a fuel-efficient vehicle too but we can't let go of our current vehicle.

  2. we almost got a Hyundai car. The Hyundai dealer i've talked to told me that the Getz is more fuel-efficient than the i10. of course, the i10 has the advantage in looks. into the last minute of purchasing the car (Getz upgraded) the Toyota dealer has stretched lower his monthly offer for the Vios. so we got the Vios instead.

    i'm practically a poor guy now. have to pay monthly installment for 60 freaking months... :(

  3. Hi Badet! Nice to hear that there are positive feedback regarding the i10. I wish I had the money to buy a car for myself... LOL!

    Hi Jon! Hey, cool! What color's your Vios? We're almost done with our monthly payments for ours. I think we just have 2 more years to go. But I may be mistaken. LOL. Matipid sa gas yung Vios. Dan didn't like it at first, but he came to love it. Hehe.

    Hang in there. You'll be done paying for the car before you know it. :)


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