Sunday, July 04, 2010
My world turned upside down when my shift changed almost a month ago. From 1pm-10pm, I'm now back on the night shift. 10pm-7pm was hell. Good thing my shift was 7pm-4am last week. This week, it'll be 6pm-3am. Sheesh.

All these changes are starting to take its toll. This past week, I normally start feeling groggy around 1-2am at work. As a result, ZZZZZZZ... while trying to work on reports. Haha! I usually just breeze through lunch because I prefer to just sleep during my breaks. Horrible.

This past month, I've been nothing but tired. Tired to the bone. But when I get home in the morning, I have trouble sleeping. I toss and turn in bed and after a few hours, I fall asleep for just 3-4 hours. In the afternoon, I'm wide awake again, just waiting for my shift. Ayayay.

Despite all the stress and lack of sleep, I seem to be gaining weight. In fact, 2 people at church asked me how many months pregnant I was. My goodness, that was insulting. I'm obviously stressed out so it's highly unlikely that I'm gonna get pregnant any time soon. I MUST lose the fats in my tummy area. Orrrr... Maybe I should get me some girdles? Haha!

Good thing the stress isn't making me break out. *knock on wood*

Anyhoo... It's the 4th of July today. Happy Independence Day, US! Thank you for the long weekend! Hehehe. =D

Went shopping for shoes the other day in SM Taytay. Love it! Bought 2 pairs for myself and another 2 pairs for The Memet (Thank you SL conversion! Hehe). Oh, I got a 3rd pair, but it's uber cheap (Just P150). Hehe.

Also bought a few other stuff like hankies, socks, a black tulip skirt, a belt, hair brushes, and some nailpolish and nail stickers from The Face Shop. Hehe. Too lazy to take pics...

After shopping, we had an early dinner at Baba Ghannouj Restaurant. It's a Persian/Mediterranean restaurant that I think I'm going to visit quite often. I loooooove Mediterranean food. Love the symphony of herbs and spices that it creates on my tongue. I'm no food critic though so I can't give you too much details, but I'm being very honest when I say that my taste buds were rejoicing the whole time we were eating. Haha!

We ordered Beef Kheema for our appetizer and a Baba Kabab Platter for our main course. We weren't really very hungry so we just asked for water for our drinks. Hehe. Food was really awesome, I'm still salivating everytime I think about it. It took them quite a while to serve the main course though. We were well done with our Beef Kheema appetizer by the time we got the Kabab Platter. It was worth the wait though. Super yummy. Hehe.

If you have a thing for Persian/Mediterranean food like me, you should drop by SM Taytay and check out the Baba Ghannouj Restaurant. It's right next to McDonald's. I dunno though if they have other branches...

Oh, sorry, no pics from dinner coz I didn't have a cam with me.

Anyway, that's all for now. My eyes feel tired again. Gotta catch some snooze time. :)

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