I Hear Wedding Bells!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Photo credit: Kenn Garcia (Photo was taken from our wedding last January 2009)

I'm super duper excited! I'm about to help plan another wedding. Yipee! This wedding's most likely going to happen June of next year. That should give us enough time to save up some money and round up the suppliers. =D

There hasn't been a formal announcement or pamamanhikan yet, so I'm not dropping names yet. This couple is super dear to my heart though, and I've already pledged a certain amount as my share for the wedding expenses. Teehee! I've also started looking for wedding suppliers.

I just hope the couple would already work on their guest list so that we know how many guests we're expecting. It'll be easier to work on a budget that way.

Sigh... I can't wait! XD

UPDATE: The wedding will happen next April. Hehehe! 8 months to go! =D


  1. hmmm... can i take a guess? is it your dear brother? if yes, you should be super excited. my sister was really excited when she heard i'm tying the knot :)

  2. Was my excitement a dead giveaway?! Hahaha! Yes, it's my brother who's getting married. There, I said it. He gave me the go-ahead na kasi. LOL!

  3. nice to bump with another brethren's blog... happy 96th anniversary po!!!

  4. Hello there! Belated happy 96th anniversary sis! :)

  5. well, siguro talagang lumalabas lang pagiging 'stage sister' ng mga ate kapag ikakasal na ang kanilang nakababatang kapatid, lalo na pag lalaki. haha!

  6. Hi sis, nice blog you have. From what locale are you from?
    it's me, lhotte

  7. Hi Sis Lhotte! Thanks for dropping by. I'm from Brookside, Rizal. :)


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