Photo of the Week (#10)

Saturday, August 14, 2010
I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to post a "Photo of the Week" for the past couple of weeks. Been busy like hell with so many things going on left and right.

But, I'm back with a special photo for you guys this week. :) Here it is:

He's our baby. :) His name's Maki, short for Makisig. The Memet named him Makisig. I felt sorry for him, so naturally, I nicknamed him Maki. Hahaha! He's super cute and playful. Watching after him can be tiring, but he just has the funniest quirks, so it's okay. Hehe. As I make this entry, he's in his make-shift crib (an old hamper) playing with a couple of beads that're tied to one of my many reusable canvas shopping bags. He's been playing with it for the past hour or so. I don't know when he'll get tired of it. LOL!


  1. Super! Hehe. I'll try to post a pic of our other baby, Choco, this coming weekend. He's also super duper cute. :)


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