The Shopaholic & The Not-So-Smart Driver

Sunday, August 01, 2010
It's been ages since I last really splurged on clothes. I think the last time I spent more than 5k on purchases in 1 single afternoon was 2 or 3 years ago. Hahaha!

Well, yesterday, I had the chance to practice my being an impulsive shopper again. The Memet had an afternoon meeting with our Mayor and the other department heads in Katipunan yesterday. It was originally supposed to be in Eastwood, so I asked him if I could go with him, coz I wanted to try out a nail salon's services there. On our way to Eastwood, The Memet got a text message saying that the venue has changed and that it'll be in Cravings, Katipunan instead. I was super bummed. I didn't want to just sit around in a restaurant while waiting for their meeting to end. So The Memet dropped me off at Robinsons Metro East instead. :D

At first, I was just strolling around, window shopping. But after a few hours, of constantly texting the Memet and asking if their meeting was done yet, I lost hope that it'll finish before 6pm so I went to look for a salon or spa. I saw Azta Urban Salon in the Body section of the mall so I stepped in. Hihi! I dunno what got into me, but I actually thought of getting red highlights. Good thing I thought against it and got red streaks instead. Hahaha! It isn't very obvious, really, but The Memet's mortified. He likes "classic" looking girls. LOL. Anyway, it'll fade away in about 2 months, I was told.

After getting my streaks and having my hair blow dried, I started my shopping expedition. I went through every boutique in the mall and ended up with a couple of dresses and tops from the following shops:

I love collecting paper bags. Hehe! I especially love the paper bag on the extreme right of the picture. It's from Petite Monde. So cute... It even has a real tassle! Hehe. :D

The Memet's meeting finished around 8pm, but around that time, traffic was super heavy in Katipunan. Around 8:30pm, he was already at the U-Turn slot in front of PSBA. That was where he encountered the stupid 19-year old driver who caused us lots of inconvenience.

The kid wasn't looking at his right side while turning in the U-turn slot. He was just concentrating on looking at the left side (where there were no vehicles), so as a result, his Trooper bumped into our Revo. It was just a minor accident, but my goodness, it took us close to 3 hours to resolve it. The kid didn't wanna pay for the damages and wanted a police report written out. Jeez. It was HIS fault. Anyway, as the mall was closing up, the Memet called me and told me that it was taking longer than expected and asked me to just take a cab and meet him at the spot where the accident happened. I did as I was told and The Memet got the shock of his life when I alighted from the cab with all my purchases. LOL!

We went to Camp Caringal somewhere in Aurora, Cubao and filed a police report. We were there until around 11:30pm. Got home around 12mn. And we still had to get up early for church Sunday morning. Ayayay.

So there. That's how I spent my Saturday. After church, The Memet and I caught some much needed sleep. Hehe. I did my house chores in the afternoon instead. Going back to church again in a few, then we're off to my parents' house for Sunday night dinner.

'Tis all for now. Take care everyone, and be wary of not-so-smart drivers. Best to stay away from them lest you'd be inconvenienced. Hehehe.

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