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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Okay, as some of you probably already know, it's my brother who's getting married next year. And boy, oh boy, am I ever excited. Hehehe! I'm so excited that I'm practically planning this wedding for them! LOL. Ofcourse, I remind myself every once in a while that I should just give advice whenever it's necessary. It's their wedding after all. Haha!

It'll be a Pink and Green wedding. I love that color combination. If I could get married again, I'll go for those colors. :)

Anyway, all this wedding hype has got me thinking. My parents didn't get the dream wedding that they wanted. The photographer they had was pretty incompetent and they ended up not having any pictures from the wedding ceremony because apparently, the photog's cam didn't have film. *TOINK*

Soooo... I'm thinking of saving up some funds. I want my parents to renew their vows in a couple of years. This October's their 30th wedding anniversary. Too bad I already set aside my savings for my brother's wedding. It wouldv'e been nice for my parents to renew their vows this year. I want to have it in Tagaytay. :) And this time, they'll have wedding pictures from the wedding ceremony. Hehe. Well, anyway, we can probably have it in 2 years or something. We'll already be spending a huge chunk of money on my brother's wedding (getting married can be quite painful to the pocket. hehe!). Next year'll also be my mom's 50th birthday. I don't think she has plans, but I already have a surprise party brewing in my head. OH! And next year's also my father in law's 60th birthday! So, yeah, we're also planning a party for him. Hehehe. So many milestones happening next year... So if I slate my parents' renewal of vows for 2012, that'll give me enough time to save up.

Wish me luck! :D

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  1. Aw! I can still remember us attending CWS/PNK together in Brookside and now even Dave is getting married! Hehe. Best wishes to them!
    I talked to my parents about renewing their vows. But they didn't want to:-)
    Good luck in your 3-5 year (?) year plan!

  2. Time sure flies! Hehehe. XD

    Thanks, Mare! I hope to accomplish my "Mission: Vow Renewal" by 2012. Hahaha!;)


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