Me & Starbucks

Monday, September 13, 2010
Back in the hay days when I was a QA (which was like 3-4 years ago), my day was never complete without a venti cup of Starbucks' white chocolate mocha. It was one of my all time favorite drinks. Helped me stay awake during those days when I spent 12-14 hours (sometimes 16 hours) in the office. :) There were even days when I would have 2 venti cups in a day. Haha! Caffeine overload.

Anyway, after a few months of practically overdosing my system with caffeine, I noticed that even when I come home really tired, I couldn't fall asleep. So I decided to cut back on caffeine. I've been on coffee rehab for about 2 years now. Hehe!

But, well, just recently, I've been frequenting Starbucks again. I just can't stay away... Hahaha! This time though, I'm opting for the less caffeinated drinks so that I won't have insomnia attacks again. Hehe. My two favorites are the classic iced chocolate and their Christmas drink, the dark cherry mocha. Because I drop by Starbucks frequently, The Memet has also developed a liking for their drinks. He particularly loves the dark cherry mocha. When it's not in season, he drinks the dark mocha.

One grande dark mocha frappe for The Memet! Hehe! Ü
Now, I've recently developed an allergy to almost all kinds of food, including chocolate (boooooo!), so I've been looking for alternatives to my favorites. One that I'm loving right now is the chai tea latte. I love it either hot or iced. It's yummy either way. So yummy that I can't have enough! LOL!

Here I am with my hot chai tea latte (no foam please!) Ü
And here's the iced light chai tea latte that I had earlier today. Yum yum! Ü
I hope I don't eventually become allergic to teas. That would suck big time. Hahaha!

Speaking of tea, there's this drink in Coffee Bean Tea Leaf that I also like. But we'll talk about that another time. :)

What about you? What's your favorite Starbucks drink? :)


  1. I'm allergic to Starbucks in general... I love their frappuccinos but I gain SO much weight from them. Ugh!

  2. My favorite is dark mocha frappe. Grande please! Haha! =D

  3. Hi Lizz! Hey! I love your blog. :) Thanks for dropping by mine. :)

    Yep, their frappuccinos are like so calorific. LOL! Well, I think all their drinks are. Which is why I'm trying to find a way to exercise to make up for all the calories I'm consuming nowadays. Hehe...

  4. Hi Maria! Oh yeah! I used to love dark mocha frappe too! Yum yum! :)


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