Thursday, September 09, 2010
Have you ever sent out text messages while sleeping? I know I have. Hahaha! Weird, right?

Receiving text messages while you're sleeping is pretty normal. But, I guess replying to those text messages while you're sleeping is... Well, not so normal. LOL!

I've several friends who would approach me during the day and ask me what my text message was all about. I'd normally say "What text message?". Then they'd show it to me. My response after reading the text message that I allegedly sent? "I don't recall sending that message". They're pretty used to it by now. Heck, even some of my clients are starting to notice this little quirk of mine. Hahaha!

You can read more about sleep-texting here. It's pretty interesting. :)

Image Source: Google Images

PS: I have a couple of pending blog posts. They're all partially written and are saved as drafts. Haha! I hope they don't start piling up. Will try my best to post them this weekend. :)

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