Calming Music

Thursday, October 21, 2010
When you're upset, angry, furious, irritated, and you feel like your top's about to blow off, what kind of music do you listen to in order to calm yourself down?

Me? I listen to heavy, loud music. One of my all time favorites is Down with the Sickness by Disturbed.

Actually, I listen to [rap, heavy] metal even when I don't need to calm down. It's really the kind of music I listen to. Well, I listen to all kinds of music. But after a few minutes of listening to all other music genres, I always find myself gravitating towards the fast, heavy, and loud kinda music. I don't know what or who influenced me, really. I just remember starting to veer from pop, rnb, etc around high school. That was when I started listening to Guns n Roses, Siakol (Haha!), Korn, Wolfgang, etc.

So, yeah. I might be the kind of girl who likes shiny, sparkly, fluffy, and pink things. But when it comes to music, I'm not exactly your typical girly girl. LOL!

When The Memet found out about my preference for music, he said that if I continued to listen to my kind of music even when I get pregnant, our baby might come out head banging already. LOL! Well, I wouldn't want that, so I might switch to some classical music when (or if?) I get pregnant. Hehe.

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