Don't Wear a Sleevless Shirt, Honey...

Sunday, October 10, 2010
The Memet and I were on the road yesterday, when a deodorant infomercial came on the radio. It's about this guy who was telling his girlfriend not to wear something sleeveless and the girl kept asking him why, all the while assuming that her bf didn't want her wearing something too sexy. Poor guy apparently just didn't have the heart to tell his girlfriend that she had dark underarms. The Memet and I kept laughing after hearing it. I'm sure you guys have heard it over the radio.

A couple of minutes passed and The Memet asked me, "What do you think my reason would be if I asked you not to put on a sleeveless shirt/blouse?" I, of course, didn't have a ready answer. He said, "I'd tell you not to wear a sleeveless anything if you haven't had your armpits waxed yet." I laughed so much I almost passed out. LOL! TMI? :p

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