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Thursday, October 28, 2010
For the longest time, I was only allowed to brisk walk on the treadmill. THAT's how out of shape I was. After just a minute of running, I would be seriously out of breath. Haha!

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Anyway, I was in the gym prior to my shift the other day, and I was watching Meet the Spartans in the Cardio Theater while doing my usual 40-minute brisk walk (Speed - 5.5, Gradient - 8-10). I was suprised to see that 15 minutes into the exercise, I still wasn't tired and I was barely sweating. So, I decided to up the challenge and increased my usual 5.5 speed to 6.5 (Gradient - 0). This was the speed that my PT suggested me to use if I wanted to jog (big IF). Haha! She did this to me 2-3 weeks ago and after three 1-minute reps on the 6.5, I was ready to fall flat on my face. LOL! But this time around, I was able to last 5 whole minutes and it didn't seem like I was tired yet! I didn't want to give my system too much of a shock, so I just decided to do three 5-minute reps with about a minute's worth of interval in between.

I'm super duper happy with this new "discovery". I'm slowly being whipped back into shape! That flat tummy that I'm going for? It's well within reach. Hahaha!

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