I Want!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010
*GASP* Thanks to a blog post by Lizz of http://www.lizzbuenaventura.com/, I need not look any further for the item that'll go on the very top of my birthday wishlist.

Look! Look! Look!
Kindle 3 Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite - Latest Generation
It's a portable reading device. Very small and lightweight. Memory? 4gb! That's good for more than 10,000 e-books, PDFs, etc! HUWAW! I love, love, love the fact that it's tiny and lightweight because I usually lug pocket books around and well... I've been complaining more and more recently that doing so is a big hassle because:

1. Pocket books take up a lot of space in my already full and bulky shoulder bag.
2. The paperbacks get ruined if I force it into my bag. Poor books...
3. I still don't have a shelf at home and my books are starting to pile up like crazy. Hahaha!

Anyway, I did a quick search and the Kindle is actually available through some local online sellers. Price isn't bad either: Php8,000-10,000. Woohoo!

Memet! Me want one!!! ^_^


  1. Wow this gadget looks great! The price is affordable too.

  2. Exactly! I wish my husband would give me one... Hahaha!

  3. I just received my Kindle 3 last Thursday. I ordered it from Amazon. I actually have a new blog post about it. I love it so much! I'm sure you'll love it too. :)

  4. Hi Mariel! Read your blogpost. Thanks! :)

    Question... If I did get the Kindle, where can I get my ebooks? Hehehe!

  5. You can purchase them from Amazon or you can just use the ever helpful Google. This might help you. ;)


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