My 2010 Brgy Elections Experience

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
When we go to our subdivision's Area 8 covered court to vote (may it be national or barangay), it usually takes us only 10-30 minutes max.

I wasn't able to take a leave from work on October 25, 2010, so I urged my family for us all to vote really early this time around. Well, it was me who came late the last time anyway. They're always early. Hahaha! So anyway, I was planning on logging in at work at around 10am so that I could go home early since it's a holiday. And so we got there before 8am.

Me with my parents. We still looked fresh and happy because we just arrived.
30 minutes passed and we still haven't found our precinct. There were only three that were "working". Our precinct was nowhere to be found. We found out from the other voters that our ballot box, ballots, and other election paraphernalia were still in COMELEC's jeep (parked outside the covered court) along with those of other precincts. They haven't brought it out yet because there was no chairman to oversee the opening of the ballot box and who would sign whatever document that needs to be signed so that we can commence voting. We thought, "Okay, let's wait a couple more minutes".

My dad, starting to look tired and impatient. Haha!
We ended up waiting over 2 hours before the chairman's assistant finally came. Even with her around, we still had to wait around 45 minutes before we were finally able to begin voting. I was in a sour mood at this time because I was already late for my 10am shift.

Add to that, heavy rain suddenly poured, drenching a lot of people. As if that wasn't enough, the rain water started to seep in so that the court had about an inch of water. Haha! Good thing I was wearing wedges.

See how "white" it is outside? That's not snow. It's heavy rain.

Here comes the water!

Everyone's feet/shoes are starting to get wet...
Anyway, my family and I were still able to vote. It just completely sucked (as in big time) because the whole process was NOT organized at all. I wonder who the MIA chairman was... If I could only find out, I would love to file a complaint.

I hope that when election time comes around the corner again, they'll be more prepared (as if).


  1. Buti ka pa nakapag cover ng last election, i was stuck at the office the whole day sayang

  2. Awww... Sayang, you weren't able to vote! Work really gets in the way of everything. Hehe. XD


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