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Monday, October 04, 2010
My daily get-up feels incomplete if I do not spray on some sort of cologne or perfume before leaving the house. Hehe. I don't really like super strong scents. I like light, sweet, citrusy ones. The types that'll make me feel and smell fresh without offending people who happen to take a whiff of me. I don't like heady scents. They either give me a headache or make me sneeze non-stop. LOL!

I thought about making this post after a trainee commented on the way I smell. She said, "You always smell powdery... Kinda sweet." It made me wonder because she commented on the way I smell towards the end of my shift. So I was a bit surprised to know that my perfumes/colognes actually stick for more than 8 hours. Hehe!

If you'd like to know what scents I use (well, even if you don't), take a look below:

They're my everyday scents. If you'll notice, the one with the strongest scent among the 5 is probably J.Lo Glow which was a birthday gift from my brother. I only use that when the weather's a bit chilly. All the rest, I use whenever, wherever. Hehe.

My all time favorite is Creamy Vanilla by Vanilla & Co. The Memet likes it too. He even uses it from time to time. LOL! My post-gym scent is BBW's Cucumber Melon. I normally use Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea and Incanto Shine when I go to church. The Memet bought Incanto Shine for me. :)

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