Welcome Home, Jaimie! Ü

Monday, October 25, 2010
My only female cousin (father's side) came home last Thursday for her birthday. Too bad I couldn't take a leave from work to go out shopping with her. :( She's leaving for Guam again tomorrow and I've only seen her twice, in church. BTW, I'm super proud of her because she already has a job in one of the clinics in Guam. She's a nurse. :)

Good thing I brought my digicam with me yesterday, so we were able to take some pics after the church service.

We both love painting our toes, and we share a passion for shoes, shoes shoes! Ü I love Jaimie's strappy high heels! Ü

Lovin' Jaimie's highlights! That's me on the right with my "constipated" look as usual. LOL!
I missed you, Jaimie! Can't wait for your next visit! Hopefully, I'll have more personal time the next time you fly home.

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