Date Night! (10.31.10)

Monday, November 01, 2010
We weren't able to visit my parents last night because my mom was in Tagaytay with some friends, my dad was busy, and well... my bro's got his own stuff to do. Hehe. So, after a 5pm meeting at church, The Memet and I drove off to Robinsons Metro East with our gym gear. We spent about an hour with our personal trainers and after working out, we decided to catch the last full show for Life As We Know It.

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It was a pretty good movie. We found ourselves laughing out loud quite often. Hehe. In The Memet's point of view, it wasn't a bad chick flick. As proof, he actually stayed up throughout the entire movie and admitted at the end that it was quite entertaining. Hehe. Believe me, if he doesn't like the movie, he'll sleep through it. LOL!

Side note: Throughout the movie, I was like "Ayoko na magka-anak... Ang hirap!". Hahaha!

After the movie, we headed straight to our car in the near-empty parking lot. Our car was the only one left. Hahaha!

We're almost done paying for this car! Hahaha!

No chance we were gonna be able to eat anywhere in the mall (since all the establishments were already closed), so we drove a couple minutes to Burger King and grabbed a couple things to go.

Staff here are so friendly. The guard even opened the car door for me, and he had an umbrella ready because it was drizzling! =)
While waiting for our take out. The Memet's already hungry. Hehe.

We were home before midnight. =D

It was a pretty simple night, but we both had loads of fun. I sincerely wish we could do this more often. How I wish our jobs weren't so demanding and time consuming. Oh well.

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