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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
So... Who won the Lotto Jackpot? You lucky person from Luzon you... Hehe! So the wait's finally over. I'm actually late. It's been over a couple of days. Hahaha!

Anyway, was talking about the Lotto thing with one of my trainees last night. He mentioned that he hoped this new winner isn't like the one who won around P200M sometime back, because that guy spent all his money in 2 months' time and is now living in the slums once again. Tsk tsk. I'm thinking back to how the guy spent all his money in 2 months time, and I can't help but think how stupid he was for doing so. You know what the guy did?

- Checked in at Shangri-La hotel for weeks on end.
- Dined in the hotel's restaurants with all his friends every single night.
- Rented a limo for weeks and weeks.
- Gambled.

Tsk tsk tsk. In 2 months, all his money was gone.

Now, if I were in his shoes, I'd've done differently. Let's play the what if game. Hehe. Let's say I won the latest Lotto jackpot. Here's what I'll do with around P700M:

- Buy a house in Cainta. No place like Cainta for me. I love it and I hate it at the same time. Hahaha!
- Establish my own bed and breakfast in Tagaytay, Laiya, Boracay, Busuanga, Puerto Princesa, etc.
- Pay off all my dad's credit card bills. LOL!
- Sell Dan's CRV and get him a brand new one. CRV parin. He just loves it. Hehe!
- Buy a Honda Jazz and a Ford Everest.
- Invest in stocks.Will need one of my ninongs' help with that as I'm completely clueless when it comes to stocks. Haha!
- Build a school with a huge library.
- Take my family & closest friends on a week-long shopping spree.
- Travel the world.
- Take up photography. As in seriously.
- Etc, etc. :p

I don't know if that even sums up to P700M. Hahaha! Anyway, I know I can't ever win in the Lotto thing because, well, I don't do the Lotto thing. Did I make any sense at all? LOL!

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  1. aaminin ko na... ako un! hihi!! joke! :) btw, why settle for a resort if you can buy the whole island? haha.. la lang.. nangenge-alam lng :)

  2. May punto ka. Hahaha! Sige, I'll buy a couple of islands in Puerto Princesa. LOL!

  3. iève made a similar blog post on what to do with the 700M+ pesos. its amusing to note that we both want to build a school. haha. pusong-PNK talaga tayo!

  4. Oh man, 200m in two months? That was quite a feat ah.


  5. Jon: PNK forever! Hahaha!

    Christian: I imagine I can probably do that too. LOL! But I won't go back to being poor once I'm done because I'll be sure to have invested some part of it. Hehe!


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