December 2010: Kalihiman Year-End Socializing

Sunday, January 09, 2011
I think this was the last party/event I went to before the year ended. Yeah, I think that's right. Because The Memet and I got sick the week after. Hahaha!

December 19, 2010: This was a get-together/socializing with my co-officers in church, particularly in the Secretariat Department. Yes, I like the stressful kinds of duties, even away from work. Hahaha!

There's just a few of us, but we had loads of fun. I'm not in a lot of pictures because I was the photographer, as usual. Actually, I was in only 1 picture... I think. LOL.

Anyway, most of the pics from this event are in my netbook, so here are some that I found here in my desktop PC. Hehe! (Just click on the images to better view them.)

Food! I'm not good at cooking, so I brought the cakes instead. Hehe!

Me and some of the kids. :)

The games were uber fun, thanks to Cyril, the game master / host. :)

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