December 2010: Sykes Year End Party

Sunday, January 09, 2011
I only had 7 blog entries in December of 2010 because so many things were happening around me. I had parties left and right, The Memet and I got sick, and well, yeah. Soooo many things. LOL!

I probably forgot some of the things that happened in December, but let me try to go over them right now. I'll start with the Sykes Year End Party, also known as The Pyro-Music Love Festival.

It was held at the SM MOA Concert Grounds last December 11, 2010.

My friends and I started the evening by having dinner at Holy Cow in MOA. We don't have a group pic, so here's a solo shot of me. Hahaha!
We had a "freedom wall" of some sorts. Of course, we wrote down a lot of non-sense. XD
The program consisted of celebrity hosts (Tuesday Vargas, Billy Crawford, and Bangs Garcia) and some bands (Itchy Worms and the vocalist of Sino Si Kat). There were loads of giveaways (I didn't get anything this year. Boo!), and lots of cool entertainment, including fire dancers! XD
With some friends from work. :)
The night was capped off with some really awesome fireworks. It was, after all, a pyro-musical event. :)

We all stood in awe. Most of us were probably thinking: "There goes our 13th month pay..." Hahahaha!

I am Sykes!

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