Bohol (Day 1)

Ola, everyone! I'm still waiting for The Memet to come home from a meeting (Yes, it's past 1am), so I figured I might as well make good use of my time while I try my best to stay awake while waiting for my very hardworking spouse. Hehe.

And now, I present to you, the 1st part of a series of blog entries about our recent Bohol trip. Tadah! (I must be terribly sleepy to be saying such things. LOL)

Anyway, so yes. I have SOOOO many pictures from that recent trip, so I'll only blog about day 1 today... err, tonight? Whatever.

So here we go. Our original flight had an ETA of around 9:30am. For some weird reason, however, around 2 wks before our flight, The Memet got a message from Cebu Pacific that our flight's been moved. Same day, but our ETA was moved to 11:50am. Ugh. Just not fair. To add to that, we got to Tagbilaran on time, but because the Tagbilaran airport was small and could only accommodate 2 planes at a time, we had to fly around the area for a couple of minutes. The circling took longer than expected and so the pilot decided to touch down in Mactan, Cebu first to refuel. We ended up arriving in Tagbilaran at 12:30pm. Way past our expected lunch time.

But see here, I'm still smiling. :p

Our very nice tour guide, Kuya Tatsky, picked us up from the airport and whisked us away on our country side tour. We headed to Loboc River for our lunch buffet on board a boat, but since it was along the way, decided to stop by the two Blood Compact Shrines for some quick photo op.

By the way. Kuya Tatsky's the best guide ever. He takes good pictures. So The Memet and I didn't have to worry about how we were going to take photos of ourselves at the shrine. Hahaha!

Now, on to the Loboc River Cruise! In case you're interested, The Memet paid P300 for each of our lunch buffets and P100 each for the entrance fee, so that's a total of P400 per person. The cruise took more than an hour (I think). Got to a point that I was starting to get bored. Hahaha! But then again, my attention span has become rather short compared to before. :p

Here comes our boat! :)

Some tourists decided to join the locals for a round of Tinikling. :)
The mini falls meant it was time to go back. Hehe!
After the cruise, Kuya Tatsky drove us to the Tarsier Sanctuary (I don't think it's the "actual" sanctuary. I just forgot the name of the place. Hahaha!)

The tarsiers were super duper cute! They were mostly asleep, huddled up against branches. I didn't know they were nocturnal animals. Aha! So that's why their eyes are very sensitive to light. Flash photography isn't allowed around tarsiers. I thought you weren't supposed to use the flash on your cam just because they have really big eyes... Hehe.

See how small it is, in compared to my hands? :)
It's super duper cute!

Side note: One rude tourist (a Pinay), actually shook one of the branches to try and wake up the tarsier on it. She was telling it to wake up so that she can have a decent picture taken. I was disgusted. She was so cruel. Good thing the tarsier didn't budge. Kuya Tatsky actually mentioned to us afterwards that tarsiers are very "matampuhin" (sensitive) creatures. If you hurt their feelings, they won't eat until they die. Sorta like a very morbid hunger strike. :(

Aside from the tarsiers, we also saw some flying lemurs. Well, just two. Hehe!

It was drizzling a bit when we left the tarsiers, so we drove on to Carmen where we can view the famous Chocolate Hills. :)

Along the way, we stopped in the middle of the man-made forest to have our photos taken (again, by Kuya Tatsky). Kuya Tatsky said that the man made forest should have its own time zone. It's always darker there compared to other places. Hahaha! It was very beautiful though. I think all towns/cities across the Philippines should do the same thing. :)

We had to be really quick because there were some passing motorists.

On our way back to the car after our quick photo-shoot, Kuya Tatsky pointed to something beside the road.

It turned out to be one BIG, black worm with lots of little feet! Waaaah! He was explaining what it was, but I'm scared of anything that slithers, so I hightailed it back to the car. Sorry, I don't know what kind of worm it was. Hehe.

And here we are. The Chocolate Hills. It was drizzling real good when we got there. Hay. The wind also seemed to kick up a bit and fog was starting to swirl in. But, well, it would've been a shame to go to Bohol without seeing the ever famous Chocolate Hills! Hehe.

Armed with umbrellas and our cameras, we started the journey to the viewing deck on one of the hills.

*GULP* That's more than 200 steps!
 Once on top, I was only able to take quick pictures.

The wind was too strong that our umbrellas kept turning inside out. Haha! I also had to quickly put away my DSLR since the drizzle was turning into rain. The Memet and I were still able to get some pics using our TX5 since it's waterproof, but for the life of me, I can't find the Chocolate Hills pic from the TX5. It's probably somewhere in my netbook, but I'm too lazy to look (I'm currently using our big old PC. Hehe).

A few miles after our cold encounter with The Chocolate Hills, we passed by a "Ship House". We actually saw it on our way to "The Hills", but we didn't stop to take pictures. So when we passed by it on our way back, Kuya Tatsky slowed down and allowed me to take a few shots. Here's one.

It's actually owned by a retired seaman. A captain, I think. Hehe. It's already starting to become a landmark on its own right. :)

Next stop, the supposedly scary hanging bridge. It's not really all that scary. If you're afraid of heights, just don't look down. Hehe!

We were supposed to buy our souvenirs from here, but since we arrived a couple minutes after 5, the vendors were no longer on the other side of the bridge. (We were told that the cheapest souvenirs could be found here). We were in luck though, as there was one lady who was still packing up her peanut kisses. We hoarded her remaining supplies and walked away happy. Haha!

After the hanging bridge deal, I really just wanted to go to Bohol Bee Farm for our dinner. I was hungry. But The Memet insisted on seeing Prony, the largest python in captivity. So, even if I was deathly afraid of anything that slithers, I agreed to go.

Another good thing I liked about Kuya Tatsky was that upon seeing my "fear" of slithery animals, he made it a point to tell us more about Prony's life. He talked about Prony as if she was a person (Yes, Prony is a she). By the time we got to Prony's owner's house, my nervousness has considerably lessened. Thanks to Kuya Tatsky, I felt like I was going to go see someone instead of a snake. Hahaha!

See? I was even able to take a photo. It's the closest I ever got to a snake without hyperventilating or freezing up out of fear. Hahaha!

There was another fascinating thing about Prony. The person guarding her that night looked like...

Well, who do you think she/he/it looks like? Michael V, right? See the resemblance? LOL! She/he/it was also extremely funny.

And so, after visiting Prony, we were off to Bohol Bee Farm for our dinner. Finally!

The Memet was a bit distraught during dinner because he asked one of the waitresses for a menu, but they just kept bringing us food. He didn't know that I actually made arrangements with Bohol Bee Farm in advance. Hahaha! I was surprised he didn't ask me what was going on. LOL!

After dinner, he finally understood, when the waitresses went to our table with a cake. They actually sang "Happy Birthday" for him, which was sweet because I didn't ask them to. I just asked for the cake, really. Hehe. They all looked so shy while singing. Two were even elbowing each other. Haha! Too bad, I didn't get a photo of the entire scene as I was busy watching The Memet's reaction. :)

Here he is with his special bee farm cake after the waitresses left us. :)

That was the cap to our evening. After the very filling dinner, we were so tired that we couldn't wait to get to our room. No, we didn't stay in Bohol Bee Farm. Kuya Tatsky still had to drive us to Dumaluan Beach Resort after dinner. Hehe!

We were so happy with Kuya Tatsky's service that we gave him the other half of the cake. Hehehe!
And that's the story of our first day in Bohol (more or less). ;-)


  1. uy ganda shot mo point and shoot yan?

    medyo scary yun girl no offense meant hehehe. no offense talaga offensive nga eh hihihihi.

  2. Wow, Bohol looks lovely- I've never been there. Sarap naman ng vacation niyo. :) And that was sweet how you surprised him during dinner.

  3. Jack - Thanks! Nikon D40 ang gamit ko. :)

    Ida - It's really lovely! You should go there. I think it's better to go there during summer so that the Chocolate Hills will really be brown. Hehe! :)

    I love surprising my hubby with little things. I'm just afraid I'll run out of ideas in the future. Hahaha!

  4. siiiiiisss =) sis purpleish itey hehehe... nag ssearch kasi ako ng blog regarding bohol, balik-bohol ulit kame ngayon October this time kasama na namen si chloe.. nakakatuwa naman basahin ang blog mo na excite tuloy ako lalo... nag GT ka pa den ba? si kuya tatsky den ang mag gguide samen... ask ko sis about the cake parang gusto ko den surprise si hubby kasi sabay den ng birthday niya ang punta namen dun.. magkano usually ang cake nila dun sa BBF??

  5. Sissss! Long time no hear! Haha! Yup, kababalik ko lang sa GT last month ata. Dami narin bago. Hehe!

    About the cake, I didn't buy it separately eh. I sent them an email and asked for a candle-light dinner for 2 set-up and a birthday cake. They replied and said that they can give me the buffet dinner package + personalized cake for P920 per person. :)

    Send ka ng email sa kanila to get an updated quote. :)

    My contact person there was Vicky. Here are her contact details:

    Her Personal #: 09215951870
    BBF's Reservation
    mobile #: 09173041491

    Hope this helps! :)


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