Bohol (Day 2)

Saturday, February 12, 2011
I woke up to the pitter-patter of raindrops during our 2nd day in Bohol. We were originally supposed to go on a day tour in Panglao Island Nature Resort, but upon hearing that it was raining out, I immediately texted Kuya Tatsky to cancel our day tour (he was going to drive us to PINR) and went back to sleep.

I woke up around an hour and half later and was surprised to see the sun shining in through our room's windows. The Memet and I dumped the whole PINR idea and decided that it was the perfect day to do absolutely nothing. Hahaha!

So we stepped out of our room into the glorious sunshine and went to Dumaluan's restaurant for our breakfast.

His breakfast.
Mine. (No eggs. Allergic. Boo!)
Yummy pandesal!
Butter, strawberry jam, and marmalade.
Nice breakfast, nice view. :)
 After breakfast, we just walked around the beach. Unlike Alona Beach, the beach in this side of Panglao island is very... Hmmm. Relaxing? There weren't a lot of people out on the beach, not too many boats on the water... It was just... awesome! Hehe.

Low tide morning.
I found a pretty flower lying on the sand. :)
I loved the color. Hehe!
Some ripple marks left on the exposed sand.
That's Dumaluan Beach Resort 2, where we stayed.
It looked like sand poop. Hahaha! We asked around, but no one seemed to know what kind of animal was making it.

Look! Hundreds of sand poop! Hehe!
Still wondering what made them. :p
About an hour later, we headed back to our room, put on our wet gear, and played around in the pool! It was kinda weird because we spent most of the time in the shade, but we still got a bit burned. Hehe!

The Memet pretending to be talking to someone on his cp underwater. :p

Us playing like kids with the colorful balls.

I think we played around like a bunch of loony kids in the pool for a good 2 1/2 hours. Possibly more. Hahaha! After showering and getting dressed, we strolled over to Bohol Beach Club, paid the day tour rate, and had lunch in their restaurant.

Awesome view!

Yummy calamares. :)

Um... Mussels?

Extremely fresh buko juice!

I think it was iced tea with some vanilla ice cream. Hehe!

Bistek Tagalog!

After lunch, we walked around some more! Just wandered around, actually, with no exact destination in mind. Hehe. This is the life. :p

Had a wonderful nap on one of the hammocks.

When we got tired of doing nothing, we went back to our room, watched some cable, then went back to Bohol Beach Club for some night swimming. Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera out of excitement. Hahaha! When we got hungry from all the swimming, we went back to our room, showered, then walked to Dumaluan's restaurant for another big meal. Hahaha!

Pizza and pasta.
Mozzarella sticks! Nom-nom-nom...
We don't look too sunburned in this pic, but we actually were. Hehe!
This was probably one of the best days I've ever had because we did a whole lot of nothing. Ahhh. Life. =D


  1. haha!! "the art of doing nothing" :)

  2. The art of doing nothing. My favorite art form. Highly recommended. LOL!

  3. sis buti na lang hindi na ninita yung sa BBC =) dun den kame mag sstay sa DBR2...pero nag iisip ako kung mag day tour pa kame, gusto ko sana mag photo op inside...

  4. Wala naman issue sis if you'll take pictures inside BBC as long as you pay the day tour rate. :) The rate's good for the entire day. Consumable din, so it's worth it naman. :)


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