Bohol (Day 3)

Monday, February 21, 2011
After a whole lot of doing nothing, we got up early on our 3rd day in Bohol and set out on our sea tour.

The ocean was pretty calm when we left our resort around 6am. See? I had really high hopes of seeing dolphins that morning.

But when we were halfway to Balicasag Island, our first stop, the waves started to get bigger and more menacing. The wind also picked up and it started raining. In my head, I was thinking "Great. Bummer." Little did I know that next to me, The Memet was gripping onto the boat's seats for dear life. LOL! Okay, I was also scared. Hahaha!

We asked if the dolphins would still come out during a weather like this and the boatmen said no. I was hugely disappointed. But I thought, oh well. We can probably just have a dolphin encounter in Subic. Hehe!

Looking back, it probably wasn't so bad. But while we were in that little boat swaying with the waves in the middle of the open sea, it wasn't exactly a leisurely walk under the moonlight. Hahaha!

The Island of Balicasag looked so near, yet so far. While we were rocking in the little boat, I kept thinking, "Can't we get there any faster?!" LOL. Apparently, everyone in the boat was thinking the same thing.

With gritted teeth, we got through it all and we (including the boatmen) were more than relieved to have found ourselves on the shores of Balicasag Island. We didn't leave the boat immediately. It actually took all of us around 15-20 minutes to settle. I can imagine The Memet and the boatmens' knees probably felt like jelly too. LOL!

There's a rainbow always after the rain...

Once our nerves calmed down, The Memet and I got on a smaller boat with a guide and made our way to the snorkeling area.

There were lots and lots of fish! The snorkeling area wasn't very deep and there were lots of corals, so aqua shoes are highly recommended. In fact, we could actually stand on some of the sturdy corals and the water would only be up to our waists! Hehe. But there was also an area not very far away where the water seemed darker and a whole lot deeper. I accidentally found myself wandering around in that area and had to swim back real fast to where I could see the sea bed. LOL!

Here are some pics of the underwater action that day:

Look! We found Nemo and his Dad! Hehe...
Meringue? Hehe!

After about an hour of snorkeling, we had lunch on the island. I was looking for pictures of us eating, but we must've been amazingly hungry, because neither one of us were able to take pictures! LOL.

But here, after lunch, I was able to take a photo of the beach.

It's sunny in the picture but when we left the island, it started to rain again. And this time, the waves were a whole lot bigger. There were even a couple of times when the boat rode up on a wave then we came crashing down only to be lifted high again by another wave. Some of our things even thrashed around in the little boat. I was so scared that I found myself uttering a prayer. Hehe. Yup, I was that scared. I wasn't even able to take any pictures. LOL!

But we made it safely to our 2nd stop. Virgin island!

It was still drizzling when we got there and the wind was awfully strong. It was actually pretty cold. Hahaha! We had fun anyway. We walked around the island and took lots of pictures. LOL!

Somebody anchored this thing on the shore. Hahaha!
I should've  brought a windbreaker. Brrrr!
It looked like a pineapple on a tree.

After we exhausted ourselves, we hopped back onto our boat and headed back to our resort. The ride back wasn't scary anymore. The ocean had already calmed down. It was still raining though. We've had enough wind too, so the cold was finally starting to seep in to our bones. Good thing I had a shawl with me. It kept us a "bit" warm, but because of the rain, it eventually got soaked as well. Hehe.

When we got back to our room in the resort, we turned off the a/c and wrapped ourselves in a blanket - After showering of course. Hahaha!

It was raining out so come dinner time, The Memet hunted down an umbrella and made his way to the restaurant by himself to order our dinner and have it delivered to our room. After a dose of the boob tube, we finally called it a night. :)


  1. hi just wondering if you used the tx5 under beach water? :)

  2. Hi! Yup! Just rinse it with fresh water afterwards. :)

  3. sis need suggestion...

    3 kasi kameng mag ssea, hubby and chloe... napag iisip lang kasi kung worth it pa ba mag Sea Tour... first, mostly ng mga na reread ko sa GT, swertihan yung makapanuod ng dolphin watching....second, pag minsan maalon sa dagat katakot ang mga waves at baka may chance na pumasok pa yung water sa boat, medyo na trauma kasi kame last punta namen sa Puerto Galera (hapon na kasi kame nakapag byahe, dapat talaga recommendable ang umagang trip para calm ang water) eh ayoko na maulit yun ...third, pag nag snorkeling kame sa Balicasag, kung kame lang dalawa ni hubby ang makakapag snorkeling wala kameng mapag iiwanan kay Chloe or ok lang ba kahit hindi na kame mag snorkeling dun?? meron bang mga fishes sa mababaw? iniisip ko kasi panget naman kung hindi namen makita yung mga corals sa malayo ...

    gagastos kame I think:
    - P1,600 (sea tour)
    - P250 (mini bangka + snorkeling gear pra sa isa)
    - P800-P1,000 (sa food, paluto)
    Total: P2,850 (worth it kaya??)

    parang ang ma-eenjoy lang ata namen is yung Virgin Island ...tuloy pa kaya namen sis ang Sea Tour??

  4. Sis, I'd say wag nalang kayo mag Sea Tour, especially if you'll have Chloe with you. How old is she na nga pala? Hehe.

    Our weather's very erratic these days and typhoon season pa naman ngayon, so malamang malalaki ang waves. Baka ulanin pati kayo.

    If you go to Balicasag din, you won't enjoy it if you won't go to the snorkeling area talaga. Parang sayang naman yung money kung Virgin Island lang ang pupuntahan nyo for the tour. :( Better pa kung mag-day tour nalang kayo sa BBC or sa PINR. Feeling ko mas mag-eenjoy pa kayong tatlo pag ganun. :)


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