Bohol (Day 4)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
It was raining throughout our last day in Bohol.

We got up early, as in really early to go to church in Tagbilaran. Our travel time from Dumaluan 2 to Tagbilaran City? Hmmm. 15-20 mins. Seems like a quick ride, right? Well, not really. There wasn't any traffic and throughout the drive to the city, Manong Driver was actually running at a speed of around 40-50 km/h. Or probably even faster. It was far!

Anyway, that's how we started the day. :)

Here we are after church, waiting for the driver. Hehe!
After church, we went straight back to the resort for breakfast.

One of the waiters took pity on us and offered to take our picture. Hehe!
Once we were done eating, we didn't waste any time. We hightailed it back to our room to catch some more Zs. Hahahaha! After an hour's nap though, I had to wake up so I can start packing our things.

Before leaving for the airport, we had our last lunch in Dumaluan 2. Awwww. Here's what we had for lunch. :p


Our driver was once again prompt, so after lunch, he whisked us to the airport for our flight. We stayed in the airport for a good couple of hours. Several flights that day got delayed due to bad weather. To add to that, Tagbilaran airport could only accommodate 2 air crafts at a time. There were so many passengers in the waiting area. Kids were wailing, people loitering... It was so noisy. Here's a glimpse of the chaos:

The tiny terminal was jam-packed!
I've never been happier to board a plane heading back to Manila. Hahaha!

Goodbye, Bohol!
Just before landing in NAIA Terminal 3. View's not bad at all! Hehe.

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