Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Oh! By the way! I am "this" close to going Pro in Flickr. That's why I'm no longer posting Photos of the Week. LOL. Just sharing. Watch out for that! =D

Follow me in/on Flickr as well, yes? *wink* Sheesh, which preposition should I use? Gah! LOL. Sorry, I'm high on my antihistamine right now. Haha!


  1. Just added you in Flickr, sis. ;)

  2. uy taga flickr ka na rin pala!

    pero honestly, since my pro account expired, parang tinatamad na ko mag flickr.

    pero masaya jan, join ka sa mga local groups, check mo yung sa flickristasindios and pinoy kodakero, laging may mga shoots sila. =)

  3. Hi Christian! Thanks for the tips! I'll join those groups. :) I've been on Flickr for quite some time na, mejo tinamad lang mag-post when I found out there was a limit to the pics pag hindi Pro. Hehehe!

  4. I'll be adding you. :) My pro account will be expiring in May!

  5. Haha oo nga 200 photos seem too few eh no?

    I'm actually thinking of switching to tumblr and make myself a real gallery na lang. =)

  6. Liz - Thanks, thanks! :) Will you still renew it? Hehe.

    Christian - Yup. Entirely too small a number for me. Hahaha! Hmmm. Tumblr? Is it better than Flickr? LOL!


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