Earth Hour 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Hey everyone! It's confirmed. No more Blogger access at work. Boohoo... :(

I'll try to keep blogging from home, but that's gonna be one heck of a challenge since I'm almost always too tired to go online by the time I get home from work. If only there's a Blogger app for iPhone. Hehehe! :D

Anyway, I'd like to blog about Earth Hour 2011. Hehe.

The Memet and I got home around 8pm last Saturday. Because we had a couple of things to do, we forgot about Earth Hour and it was already nearly 9pm by the time we remembered. :( We quickly turned off all the lights and lit a couple of candles.

It's been a while since I last lit my Alice Blue candles so the scent of vanilla that wafted from them was a welcome treat. :)

Since we missed a couple of minutes of Earth Hour 2011, I'm thinking of doing my own Earth hour in the next couple of months. How does monthly Earth Hour sound? Hmmm. Yeah, I think I'll do that. I'll also get to enjoy my Alice Blue candles more often! It's a win-win situation! Hehe. But what's more important is that by doing so, I'm helping lessen my carbon footprint.

How was Earth Hour for you and what do you plan on doing to help against global warming? :)


  1. There is a blogger app for iPhone :) blogpress :)

  2. nice to know you also turned your lights off =)


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