Skin Asthma

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I couldn't take the itchiness anymore, so last Saturday, I decided to go to a dermatologist. What I thought was just a simple case of allergies, turned out to be skin asthma. I wasn't really shocked since my mom has asthma. It's just sad because I really have to limit my intake of my favorite kinds of food. And that includes chocolates! Waaah!

The dermatologist gave me an ointment for my itchies, some medications, and a bar of soap. I was told not to use anything scented on my skin for a while. Sadness again because I LOVE vanilla or honey scented soaps and lotions. :(

I've been using the stuff given to me by the derma (yes, including the unscented bar of soap), and my skin has started showing some improvement - and it's only been 2 days! :) I wish my rashes would completely go away before my 1 week of medications is up, because if it's still there by this Saturday, I need to go back to the clinic so that the dermatologist can inject something on my rashes. Scary! But like I said, my skin looks like it's recovering already. Just hope it's 100% recovered before Saturday. Hahaha!

Here's the stuff the kind derma gave me:

It's quite a lot but it looks like it works. :) After my week-long medication, I'll be put on maintenance for a year and a half (yup, more medication). She said that by going the maintenance route, it'll lessen the occurrence of my allergic reactions. There are chances it may get rid of my allergies all together! But 'm not hoping, really. Even the lessened occurrence would be a welcome respite for me. Hehe!

***Note: Always consult a dermatologist for any skin issues so that you'll be given proper treatment.


  1. Hi, nice read. I have the same problem as yours and am planning visit a derma by tomorrow. Wish me luck! :)


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