Whew! Another Year!

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Hey guys!

I can't access Blogger properly in the office. I dunno if our IT team's in the process of setting up a meaner firewall. Hahaha! Been wanting to post some entries, but couldn't. Anyway, don't have much time today either 'coz my sister in law's family is visiting, so I'll make this a quick one. XD

I celebrated my birthday last Tuesday, March 8th. Nothing special that day, really. Oh, gosh, I'd love to go into every detail, but I'm really pressed for time right now. I'll just post a few pictures. Hehe!

I got my hair permed at Beauty Brick! XD

A cute bracelet from my sister in law. :)

A bouquet of flowers from The Memet. *kilig*

All these pictures were taken using an iPhone 4, The Memet's birthday gift to me. Hehehe! I super love this phone. The Memet sometimes complains that I spend too much time tinkering with the phone that I don't give him much attention anymore. He's just kidding, of course. Hehe!

Anyway, gotta go. Hope to blog again real soon.


  1. I love your curls sis! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Hehehe... Thanks for both the greeting and the compliment sis! XD


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