Why Aren't I Pregnant Yet?

Thursday, May 26, 2011
Somewhere one unassuming morning...

Someone's Mom: Ano, wala pa ba?

Me: Wala pa po eh. (Smile)

Someone's Mom: Ilang taon na ba kayong kasal?

Me: Um... More than 2 years na po. (Smile)

Someone's Mom: Ahh. Anak ko kasi buntis na. Nagspotting sya kelan lang kaya pinagpahinga muna namin. Mag-iisang taon palang silang kasal. (Smiles then walks away)

Uh... How come I feel like I've been insulted? Tsk.

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  1. i HATE people like that (the mom in this post)


  2. Hi Mare, I am a bit concerned because you are always sick:-( I hope that you can develop more anti-bodies to shake off the bacteria and viruses.

    Don't let the insulting comment get to you. Ingit lang sila kasi sweet kayo ni Memet:-) And I think that counts for a lot.

    Miss you mare! Good luck sa property procurement:-)

  3. Thanks for the concern, folks. I really appreciate it.

    All the prodding and asking and impatience from so many people get to me sometimes, but then I look at my life now and realize that I have so many things to be thankful for.

    Our bundle of joy will come in God's time. :)


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