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Saturday, June 25, 2011
I hope y'all are safe at home right now. Just got home 2 hours ago, and boy, was it a difficult commute.

The Memet wasn't able to fetch me from work because he's always busy with so many things whenever there are natural calamities. In this case, it was the flooding going on in Cainta. I waited (and waited) for an fx going home from Ortigas, but there were none. Some of the other stranded passengers decided to take a cab as a group to save on cab fare. Since they were all going the same way I was, they let me join them. We were 4 strangers in a cab with the driver. Hahaha! Goes to show that extreme/weird experiences often bring strangers together.

The first 2 passengers got off before Junction, and I was left with the girl whose stop was Tikling. I don't know her name. Come to think of it, I never got any of their names. Hahaha! But anyway, we got stuck in stand-still traffic approaching Junction. When we got to the intersection, we found out that the reason was that the flood-water was pretty deep past Junction so none of the small vehicles could pass through. Even large vehicles like trucks and buses had difficulty. At this point, the cab driver let us off and turned back. My nameless new "friend" and I then looked for a bus and hopped in. It seemed like a pretty good idea, but then we didn't really get anywhere because... Well... Traffic wasn't moving. Hahahaha!

I called The Memet and luckily, he was able to get away from work for a couple minutes. I got off the bus (my nameless friend decided to stay), walked to the loading/unloading area going into A. Bonifacio, and met The Memet there. It was easy going home from there. There was flood-water, but it was pretty shallow.

And so here I am at home now. The Memet had to go back to their headquarters to continue facilitating help for the stranded passengers and residents who need assistance for whatever. I hope he comes home soon... Can't sleep yet.

Heavy rains scare me so much. Reminds me of Ondoy. Anyway, I hope we don't get seriously disastrous floods anymore. So please, let's do our share to help save mother earth...

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