Kuya Homer Gets Married

Saturday, July 02, 2011
My mom and I traveled to Laguna to attend Kuya Homer and his wife's wedding last month. It was just the two of us because my dad, brother, and everyone else in the family were in the Paulino reunion in Talavera, Nueva Ecija. The Memet, on the other hand, was in Potipot, Zambales that weekend.

If I remember correctly, Kuya Homer's wedding day was the same day someone "prophesied" that the world was going to end. Apparently, it didn't. LOL.

Anyway, I'll share some of my favorite shots with you. I just love photographing weddings. :)

This one's my favorite shot from that day. :)

The newlyweds with the minister.

Sweet! :)
With their entourage.

My mom and one of my friends.

Me and my mom. :)

The reception venue.
Hmmm. I dunno why the pictures aren't all that clear today. Something wrong with my settings on Blogger? :(


  1. I love the purple dress, dharling!

  2. wow! congrats to Homer and the new Mrs. Inocelda! :)


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