My Yellow Cambridge Satchel

Saturday, July 02, 2011
I think I'm going through a bag phase. I saw this bag on Schu's blog around Feb of this year and just fell in love with it. Right then and there, I pre-ordered it, and then I got it after a couple of months.

I just super love my yellow satchel. It ain't as roomy as a hobo, but, I was still able to fit a lot of things in it. Here, take a peek. :)

My 14" yellow Cambridge Satchel. :)
 The Contents:

My cellphones

Baby wipes

My kikay kit (Freebie from Watson's)

My company ID

Human Nature hand sanitizers

Sophie Martin wallet


Human Nature 100% Natural Hydrating Lotion

Ta-da! All snug and (somewhat) organized in my satchel. :)


  1. i want one! but isn't the leather kinda stiff? i can lend you my saddle soap to soften the leather :o) but it might spoil the color

  2. Yep, the leather's kinda stiff but it's just so pretty, isn't it? Hehehe... Get one narin, Mama Jen! The pink one's very pretty. :)

    Only problem for me is I don't get to use it lately coz of the rain. I'm afraid the water might leave marks on the leather...


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