Take a Peek at My Kikay Kit

Saturday, July 02, 2011
Okay guys... Errr, girls... LOL! Since I shared with you the contents of my satchel, I thought I might as well show you what's inside my kikay kit! I must warn you though... If you love makeup, you might just get disappointed.

It's a bit boring, but I'm in the mood for sharing. And anyway, it's my blog, so... Uh-huh. ;)

Here you go!

Top (L-R) My Kikay Kit and some plasters. Bottom (L-R): Oil control film and a mirror.

Top (L-R): Human Nature lipstick and Human Nature tinted lip balm. Bottom (L-R): L'Oreal lipstick and a nail cutter! :p

Top (L-R): V&Co. Cream Vanilla cologne and Incanto Shine. Bottom (L-R): Lush solid perfume and a pen! Hehe...
Not a lot of stuff, huh? Actually, I just realized that I don't even have pressed powder in there. Hahaha! And... Is it weird that I have a pen and a nail cutter in my kikay kit? I'm hoping that's normal. LOL!

If you noticed, I'm into scents too. I love smelling good. I feel naked without cologne or perfume. But I can't lug around the original bottle coz it's too heavy, so I usually transfer it into smaller containers. Makes it easier to fit in my bag. :)

What about you guys? Care to share what's in your bags / kikay kits? :)


  1. ay akala ko may pa-contest. gusto ko sanang makuha yung oil control film saka yung... bolpen! hahaha :P


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