Melissa, You'll Soon Be Mine

Saturday, August 06, 2011
Ahehehe. So I finally got myself a pair of wellies. As promised, next on my list is a pair of Melissa shoes. :) This'll be another pair that I can wear while it's raining. They won't keep my feet from getting wet, but they definitely won't get ruined if they come face to face with water (unlike all my other pairs that eventually met their demise after getting wet one too many times).

What exactly are Melissa Shoes? Here's the info I got from their website:

Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand that traces its origins to Brazil. Melissa’s avant-garde designs are often considered pieces of art in and of themselves. Over the years, Melissa has partnered with the world’s brightest design talents including fashion designers (e.g. Vivienne Westwood), architects (e.g. Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid), and furniture designers (e.g. The Campana Brothers), among others.

From sexy stilettos to fabulous flats, Melissa shoes have re-invented the much-loved jelly, bringing style and comfort to a whole new level. Melissa looks forward to bringing the future of fashion to the world. 

In the Philippines, Istila Companhia is the exclusive distributor of Melissa.

Here are the pairs that I'm choosing from. Notice that they can be worn on smart casual days at the office or even with a spiffy suit (Something that I can't pull off with my wellies). :)

Ultragirl J Maskrey (P15,500)

Mermaid (P3,250)

Vivienne Westwood Croco (P7,599)

Patchuli (P4,599)

Amazonas (P4,599)

Aren't they just lovely? These are my top 5 picks. The Ultragirl J Maskrey took my breath away the first time that I laid my eyes on it. I just completely lost my breath when I saw the price though. P15,500 is way too expensive. That's already a netbook right there! Hahaha! So, yeah. That lovely pair will just remain a wish for me. :p

It's a toss up between the remaining 4. But I gotta admit, the last 2 pairs have a certain pull. I showed them to The Memet and he said he liked the Amazonas the best. He said it looks like a furniture or a structure of some sort. I dunno if it has anything to do with him being an engineer. Hahaha! I've got my eyes on the Patchuli pair. It looks sexy. Hehe. Anyhoo... I'll try to find time to go to Anthem in Shangri-La so that I can try them on. I'll probably decide from there.

But first... I gotta save up some moolah. Hahahaha!

By the way, being that Melissa shoes are made of jelly or plastic-like material, won't it get scratched easily? Feedback, anyone?

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  1. Nice lookin' (expensive) shoes. If only I'd be able to wear them without being too 'loud'.

    We also sell them online, feel free to drop by Buy and Sell Philippines and check them out.



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