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Thursday, June 14, 2012
The hubby and I went to the mall the day he got back from his out of town trip. It was his way of making up for the 4 days that he was away. And of course, we took the opportunity to get some errands done as well.

After buying food for the pets and getting his new pants altered, we went window shopping and ended up in the department store. I really had no plans of buying anything because we're expecting a rather painful credit card bill this month (Hehe!), but then I wandered into the teens wear section.

I'm pretty petite, but because I gained weight after I stopped going to the gym (which reminds me that I need to get some regular exercise routine going), I've been having a hard time finding clothes that fit me well. Especially bottoms. My lower half's usually where all the bagels, cakes, and all the yummy food goes. Haha!

The paragraph above is the reason I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately. I wear dresses not for any other reason. It's just that it's easier to wear. Really. Haha! I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well.

So, imagine how happy I was when I spotted some cute, airy dresses right next to the escalator. Never mind that they're in the teens section. They were too cute to pass up. Here, I tried on the 2 dresses that caught my attention:

Sorry if my arm's in the way on both pics. I just couldn't figure out how to take the picture without blocking the dresses. Hahaha! Also, the main reason I took the photos is so that the hubby can choose between the two. I don't know if it's just SM Department Stores, but they're pretty conservative. They didn't let him join me inside the fitting room. LOL!

Anyway, which dress do you think we picked? Obviously, those of you who follow me on Twitter and are my FB friends already know. Hehe!

We chose...

Cuter than the blue one, right? I think I'll buy more Candies dresses in the future. Given the budget of course. Hehe!


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