Bedroom Under Attack - Part 2

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Okay, so it wasn't really the bedroom that I attacked last week. It's the adjoining room that we turned into a makeshift storage room / closet.

Take a peek at my previous post to see how it looked like last week after an attempt at a semi-re-organization.

I took advantage of the rainy weather last week to clean out the room in question. The air in there can get real hot and dry when the sun's out in all its glory.

Here, have a look-see at what I was able to do in about 2 hours' worth of cleaning and re-organizing. :)

Not a lot of clutter anymore compared to the photos that I posted here last week. But goodness, the room is still ugly. Haha! I brought up Project Bedroom Improvement with The Memet, and being the sensible person that he is, he explained to me that we shouldn't shell out a lot of money for our current house anymore because we're saving up for our "Dream Home" - which I understood clearly. I just hate that he's ALWAYS right. LOL!

He's looking at having the "ground breaking ceremony" for our home next year. Good luck with that. Haha! But I gotta give The Memet some credit. He's really hard working and we're definitely blessed that unexpected "sidelines" usually get tossed his way by people who like his work. Having awesome people skills plus a huge amount of integrity in your work really goes a long way. :)

Anyway, back to the organizing.

I found out that I currently have 27 pairs of shoes and that about 5 of them need repair. As mentioned earlier, the room can get real hot. I didn't really think that it would wreak havoc on the glue that's holding my shoes together, but it did. Toink. So the 5 pairs that need repair are in the big brown paper bag. I'll take them to Mr. Quickie soon.

With my proposal for Project Bedroom Improvement being trashed, I'll need to look for other things to work on around here. I'll probably work on our bed's underbelly soon. I think I have some boxes there that contain tons of forgotten stuff. LOL!

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