Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Thursday, July 26, 2012
There's a Mandaue Foam branch near my place, and honestly, I crane my neck to view their display windows every time we drive by. The branch I'm talking about is the one on Ortigas Ave. Extension, near Valley Golf. :)

We'll be having our new house built soon (Yeah, like 10 years in the making... LOL), and I've been bugging The Memet to drop by Mandaue with me to take a look at their furniture, especially when they're on sale. Being the practical one, he just keeps telling me to hold off on the furniture shopping until we actually have a place to put them in. Haha! Our house is still an idea at this time.

Oh! Oh! Can I just mention that we bought our existing bed from Mandaue Foam? Hehe! I just love that most of their furniture pieces are affordable. :)

So anyway, since I can't buy serious furniture yet... I just lean towards beautifying our current home. I browsed through Mandaue's website and here are some things that I'd like to take home with me the next time I drop by (My derma's place is right next to Mandaue's showroom. Hehe!):

I just love paintings and pictures. I think no home should be without them. The one above just caught my eye because it's very colorful and whimsical. And it's pink. You can paint a room stark white and put this particular painting on the wall for an interesting burst of color. Plus, did I mention that it's pink? Haha!

Just like pictures and paintings, flowers certainly bring life to any room. It'd be nice if it's fresh because it also has that undeniable scent that, for some reason, just makes people happy. But artificial ones are also great. As long as you pick one that isn't tacky. Haha! The pink orchid right above is very, very pleasing to to the eye. And, doesn't it just look so real? :)

I confess. I'm a bookworm... So in this case, a bookcase or a book shelf is a huge necessity. We have no room for one right now, so just imagine all my books stacked up one on top of the other. Hay. When we finally get our dream house built, I am going to make sure that I have loads of bookcases for all my books. I might even be able to talk The Memet into including a small library in the plan. Haha!

So there. Those are my top 3 picks for the moment. Your home, your imagination! Oh. And yes... For the moment. I am just a really notorious impulsive buyer. Haha!

You can also visit Mandaue Foam's website if you'd like to check out some pieces for your home. :)

Oh! And take a look at their video:

I think the branch shown in that video's the Ortigas Extension Branch. Hihi! :)

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