Haul: Human Nature and Venus & Mars

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
The Memet swears he's going to get rid of our internet connection soon. The reason? I'm still able to go shopping without leaving the house. Haha!

Just bought a couple of lip butter tints again from Venus & Mars thru eBay seller loads*of*stuff. (Can I just say that I ♥ Gcash? It makes online shopping so much easier). I like V&M's lip butter tints because they give my lips some color while moisturizing my puckers at the same time. :)

Left: Pink Posies Lip Butter Tint
Right: Salmon Peach Lip Butter Tint

As for my Human Nature haul, well, I had to leave the house for this bunch. I usually go to their Cainta branch located in Rublou, Brookside which isn't very far from where I live right now. So all in all, it's still very convenient.

Back: Human Nature zippered tote bag
Front (L-R): Moisturizing Shampoo (Lush Vanilla), Moisturizing Conditioner (Lush Vanilla), Cooling Feminine Wash, Mandarin Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

I'm a registered Human Nature Dealer by the way (Dealer ID: 101822), so if you'd like to become a dealer too, please, please, please register under me. Haha! The discounts are pretty neat. Plus, you can earn commission if people register as end-users or dealers under you. ;)

I'll write a review on the lip butter tints and the Lush Vanilla shampoo and conditioner soon. ^_^

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