Just Another Manic Monday

Friday, July 27, 2012
I've got a coming change of pace on Monday. There's quite a lot on my itinerary and I'm terribly excited! It's been a while since I've been out and about - Nearly 2 months, actually. Wow.

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So, just to share my excitement, here's an overview of what I'll be busy with on Monday! :)

   6:00-6:30am - Clean-up
   6:30-7:00am - Quality time with the Doggies (Feeding, Morning walk, Playtime, etc)
   7:30-8:00am - Breakfast with The Memet
   8:00-9:00am - Transvi Ultrasound
   10:00-11:00am - Time in front of the PC (Answering emails, processing orders, etc.)
That's my morning routine up there with a few tweaks and a bit cramped to accommodate the Ultrasound. My afternoon sched for Monday isn't set in stone because of the travel time and all, but here's my itinerary:

   1. Megamall - It's a surprise for The Memet ;)
   2. Rockwell - Gotta pick up "something"
   3. Ayala - Clearance (Finally), Catch up with some friends, Etc
   4. Ortigas - Friend's birthday dinner

Looking at my afternoon itinerary makes me wish I had a driver's license. Hmmm. But then I'd need to worry about parking. Haha! You just can't win. Maybe it'd be better to wish we were filthy rich instead so that I can have a driver. LOL.

Ok. Logging off now before I get anymore ideas. Haha!

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