Me? Into Basketball?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Yeah. For some weird reason, I'm hooked to PBA. I guess The Memet's addiction to NBA & PBA has rubbed off on me. Well, just PBA in the meantime. (I'm taking it one step at a time. Haha!)

Actually, I never really disliked basketball. I'm not the type of girl who's completely clueless about its rules, the moves, etc. As a matter of fact, I used to play basketball with my guy friends when I was in 5th and 6th grade in Saipan. Yeah... I was pretty boyish then, up until junior high. Hehe! It started with me usually being goalie in 4th grade (soccer). I also played softball (a lot) in 5th and 6th grade. In junior high... Not so much. Although track and field in Phys. Ed. was quite a killer. Sigh, I miss those days.

Physical Education in Saipan was the real thing. When I came back to the Philippines and continued high school here, I was surprised (and hugely disappointed) because P.E. involved getting into your P.E. uniform, sitting around, and writing notes. I remember thinking 'What the crap?' during my first few weeks in this set-up. At least that's how the set up was in my high school. I hope it's not the same thing for all the other schools in the Philippines. Hehe.

So anyway, back to PBA. We're super duper lucky because The Memet is sometimes able to score free tickets for some PBA games. We went to one several months ago where B-Meg beat Ginebra. The one we went to last week was for the semi-finals: Rain or Shine vs B-Meg and Ginebra vs Talk n Text.

I love Ginebra. They just have this "spirit" about them. They're so entertaining to watch. :) Plus, I have to admit... I have a crush on Caguioa and Hatfield. I developed my crush on Hatfield when he literally plowed into us when I first watched PBA live. We were sitting court-side, and there was this really flimsy barrier between us and the court, so if The Memet and his friend were not able to sorta block Hatfield when he rammed into our area, I'd've been crushed. It woulda been painful, but it would've also been one hell of an experience. Haha!

My number 2 team is B-Meg. Not only are they good... They're also the reason we even have any chance of scoring free tickets. LOL!

Anyway, I'll cut this post short as I have a few other things to attend to at the moment. Here are some shots that I was able to take of my crushes in last week's game. :)

#47: Mark Caguioa
Taken: 07.18.2012

#99: Rudy Hatfield
Taken: 07.18.2012

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