My Little Furballs

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
I've mentioned them a couple of times and I think it's about time they get their own blog post. Hehe.

I've been with them since day 1 and the realization that they'll be moving to their new homes this weekend is a bit painful for me. True, I haven't really gotten any decent sleep since they were born; And we spent thousands of money on their milk, dog food, and medicines, but heck, I just love my little furballs.

We probably wouldn't have had to spend a lot of money on milk and meds, if we were well prepared as early as Yuki's pregnancy, but the thing is, the entire thing was unplanned. We didn't really want Yuki to get pregnant. She's our baby. She spends the day in the garage (either on a table or in her cage), and then when the husband and I get home from work at night, she heads up the stairs to our room so that she can sleep under our bed. Hehe! When the hubby is out on business trips, I usually let Yuki sleep on the bed next to me.

But through the help of our househelp and her sister, Yuki (a Japanese Sptiz) and Choco (a Toy Poodle) came together and created these 5 little puppies. Sidenote: I still wanna strangle our househelp for being an instrument in Yuki's pregnancy. LOL!

The first 2 weeks were the easiest. Though they were born inside our bedroom, I didn't really have to do anything since they were asleep most of the time and Yuki was there breastfeeding them and cleaning up after them (Yuki's a very, very good mother). Excretions were practically non-existent. Haha!

It was during their 3rd week that my stress began. That was the time they started to actively crawl around and by the end of the 3rd week, I noticed that they were excreting poop in liquid form. I looked it up and found out that pups at this age usually have diarrhea caused by parasites. And because Yuki didn't go through de-worming before or during her pregnancy, I deduced it was the reason for the pups' diarrhea. What worried me was when I read that these situations could be fatal for pups under 1 month of age.

We brought them to the vet the very next day because they started looking weak and weary. They were given antibiotics and powder dextrose. Also, because the parasites were passed on thru Yuki's milk, they had to stop breastfeeding. Ergo, I had to give them milk replacement. And let me tell you... Milk for puppies is rather expensive. The one that we got was probably the cheapest (Puppy Love, P250 for the small packs that would last about 3 days). I had to bottle feed them for about 2 weeks, which wasn't so bad. The most stressful part of the deal was... They had to be fed every 2-3 hours. Yes. Seriously.

They recovered, but their poop remained soft and watery. Take note. They were still in our bedroom. We couldn't bring them outside because Yuki was very protective and didn't want any other people going near her pups.

By Week 4, I was exhausted from feeding them 4-6 times per day and cleaning up after them after every feeding session. It was no party. So, my husband took pity on me and got them a crib/cage. The pups were brought downstairs and there were more people helping me take care of the pups. It was still a bit stressful, coz I still had to keep cleaning it up after they ate otherwise, they'd be bathing in poop. My only consolation was that I was finally able to clean and disinfect our bedroom again.

So you pretty much get a picture of what I had to go through. Hehe. :)

They're turning 6 weeks tomorrow. They're now eating mashed puppy food and drinking water. I only give them milk as a treat nowadays. Thank goodness, because their milk was expensive. Now, I only spend around P80 on a big bag of puppy food (We're giving them Beef Pro for pups). Waaaay cheaper. Hehe!

They were de-wormed last week and they're getting their first 5-in-1 shot tomorrow. By this weekend, we'll be taking the 3 of them to their new homes. It really, really saddens me, but I know for a fact that they'll be happy in their new homes. They're close family friends and relatives anyway so I can still visit the pups anytime. Plus, they have other dogs to play with where they're going, so they won't be lonely.

I think that generally, pups shouldn't be sold or given away until they're 2 months old at the very least. But my mom, godmother, and my brother in-law's mom all feel sorry for me coz I haven't had much time for myself since they were born, so as soon as the pups hit 4 weeks, they already wanted to take the pups home. I stalled, obviously. LOL!

We're keeping 2 puppies, but eventually around their 2nd or 3rd... or 4th month, we'll be selling one, so we'll only end up with 1 pup. It still breaks my heart, but reality is, we already have A LOT of pets. Aside from the pups, we have 3 grown dogs and 2 turtles AND no househelp. Yup, the person who caused all this isn't with us anymore. She got sick and my mom in law's afraid it might be contagious so she was sent home.

So anyway, to end this post, here's a compilation of some of their photos starting Day 1.

My little furballs:

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