Haul: Le Papillon Accessories

Friday, August 03, 2012
I browsed through Le Papillon's Facebook page for a while before I finally decided to give in and purchase a couple of their accessories. Deciding which items to get was probably the most difficult thing in the entire process because they have A LOT of cute accessories... Haha! But the transaction was smooth and simple, and boy, was I thrilled when I got my orders. Their accessories look good in pictures, but are even better in person!

The accessories were placed in organza pouches before they were packed for shipping. I swear, I couldn't wait to open the package when it arrived! ☺

At the Moment Bracelet (Deep Pink)
Glam Rock Bracelet (Red)
Okay. Can I just say that I'm totally in-love with the bracelets? I've worn them several times already (separately and together), and I got quite a handful of compliments. I like pairing them with my gold-toned wrist watches. When the two bracelets are worn together with the wrist watch, it makes an elegant-looking yet fun arm swag. Now who doesn't love an adorable arm swag?

Ancient Kingdom Necklace
This necklace here is a statement piece alright. It's a bit heavy, but my golly, it's such a looker! I haven't worn it yet because I'm reserving it for a wedding that I'll be attending next month. I can't wait to find the dress that'll go perfectly with it!

Oh, and by the way. Le Papillon has an ongoing Clearance Sale. That's an awesome 20% off on a lot of their pretty accessories! Go check out their Facebook Page now:


Hurry! ^_^


  1. Fantastic write up! Thank you very much for featuring our products. We enjoyed reading your blog. Keep 'em coming! <3

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog. :) More power to you! :)


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