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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
I was feeling pretty down last week because of two things: monthly girly cramps and the big arse pain that is my braces. So, what's a girl to do when she's in pain? Online shopping!!! Hehe.

I read about Snoe Beauty on Girl Talk (a forum) and was immediately interested when I found out that they had products in vanilla scent. I'm crazy about anything vanilla. ^_^ So after a few clicks, I had successfully placed an online purchase. 

Thank God for online shopping and credit cards. *wink*

Fast forward to today. After I published my post about my fur babies' Giga products, Air 21 rang me up to tell me they were a few doors down from my house. So yeah. I hightailed it downstairs to greet them. Hehe!

And... Ta-Da! Here are the items that I got. :)

It came with a free pouch (see photo above). Yippee!

And here they are outside the pouch. Read on below for a quick description of each item (Got the descriptions from their website).

Fresh Custard Face & Body Powder
Fresh Custard Powder is the smoothest, most luxurious powder infused with Argan oil for a silky sensation. Its already added with anti-oxidant Acai berry and sunscreens for skin protection against the sun's damaging rays. This fragrant delight with an airy consistency will make sure you feel fresh, controls oil and shine. This ultra fine powder will also correct the most common skin imperfections and evens out skin tone.

Honey Bath Syrup
Have dessert while taking a shower! Bathing has never been so delightful. Snoe's Honey Bath Syrups will create a lavish lather that will clean and moisturize your skin. We added anti-oxidants to quench your skin's thirst, minus the calories.

Whipped Body Frosting (SPF15)
Smell delicious while getting silky-smooth skin with Snoe’s luxurious Whipped Body Frosting withSPF 15 to protect from the sun, with papaya to continuously whiten.

Scrumptious Body Spritz
A comforting indulgence of vanilla bean infused with sweet and creamy butterscotch.

Special Kojic & Glutathione Beauty Bar
Active Ingredients: High Kojic Content, L-Glutathione, Vegitol, Bearberry, Vitamin A, C, E, Grape Seed Extract, Goats’ Milk, AHA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Songyi Mushroom, Papain Enzyme, Hyaluronic Acid, High Grade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The first four items are all in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch scent. They're obviously mine. Hehe! The Kojic & Glutathione Beauty Bar, I got for The Memet. He's been spending a lot of time under the sun lately (Inspections, Project Supervision, etc), and his skin has darkened quite a lot. He's moreno, but right now, he's really sunog (burnt). Yep. I always pester him to make sure he uses the lotion and moisturizer that I got for him (with SPF), but I'm sure he doesn't always use 'em, especially when I'm not keeping a beady eye on him. LOL. So yes. I got him the beauty bar in hopes of getting his normal skin color back. Haha! I read some reviews that said this particular beauty bar gives fast results. Hmmm. We'll see.

Good thing I haven't taken a bath yet. I'll go do that now. I want to see if I'll end up smelling like cake. *GRIN*


  1. I love everything vanilla, too! :)

    I love the custard powder. It's so handy and practical.

    The red soap is excellent for removing whiteheads and blackheads, too! And it gives your skin a nice glow. <3

  2. The red soap is my first purchase from Snoe! A bit drying on the face but nothing that a good moisturizer can't take care of! I wanted to try the custard powder too but I found it to be a bit expensive considering its only a powder.. Hmm. Will decide on that on my next visit to Snoe! Great blog by the way.. I just followed you!



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