Review: Potentilla Home Fragrance

Thursday, August 30, 2012
We all do our best to keep our bodies clean and smelling good, all for good hygiene and for the hopes of snagging that hottie's attention (Well, I'm married so I'm not included. LOL). Scents also show an individual's personality. It gives you a certain... Signature.

While that is certainly true, I also strongly believe that our homes are direct reflections of us. Yes? That's why I do my best to keep everything tidy and its place at home. I make sure everything smells clean. And if I catch the faintest whiff of a cockroach, I do my best to hunt it down and terminate it. Hehe.

I'm a neat-freak and I like smelling good. So it goes without saying that our humble abode (even if I share it with my in-laws), is exactly like me - Neat and yep, smells good.

The neat part has always been easy with me. I clean, clean, clean... And I always put everything back in its place. But just recently, the smelling good part became real easy all thanks to Potentilla Home Fragrance. They have an awesome line of affordable reed diffusers that smell heavenly, unlike the ones that you'd normally find in department stores.

I recently bought 2 60ml bottles of the Tea Party scent.

This is the one that we keep in our bedroom. Just took a photo of it on our balcony. ;-)

One's in our bedroom and the other one's in The Memet's office. We LOVE the scent. It's classy, light, and relaxing. Actually, it kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. It's slightly similar, but different. Hehe.

I quickly fell in love with Potentilla that I wanted to share it with others. So, I also got a 110ml bottle + a 200ml bottle in Fresh Cut Grass. I gave it to a friend and he loves it!

Really, no room or office should be without a Potentilla Diffuser. :)

Confession: I have a few other Potentilla purchases lined up for next month. Haha!


  1. Try pink grapefruit too.

    Sweet citrusy and fresh :D

    Currently, I have gingergreen in the house. Will try tea party next.

  2. Hi Rae! Thanks! I'll have to try Pink Grapefruit soon. :) Is it not too sweet?

    How's Gingergreen so far?

  3. I'm using daphne bench:) pag ma ubos try ko 2:) thanks for the review

  4. You're welcome sis SunnyToast! :) How was Daphne? I'd like to try it too. I'm interested in Acres of Lavender. How many months bago naubos yung bottle? :)

  5. I'd like to have something like this at home but my husband can't stand scents. Boohoo!

    Glad to know another neat freak :)

  6. Hi L! That sucks! Not even perfume? :(

    Yeah, high-five, fella neat freak! Hehe. :)


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