Roses for the Memet

Friday, August 17, 2012
Did you know that you can have roses sent to your loved ones via Mail and More? Well, apparently, you can.


You don't need to buy your roses from a florist just so you can have it shipped. You can go directly to a courier. Here's what happened...

A friend of mine has a Mail and More branch across from the Human Nature branch that I frequently go to. Usually, after getting my clients' orders from Human Nature, I'd drop by Mail and More to say hi. The day I dropped by, my friend had clients she had to attend to. So I snooped around. And after some snooping around, I saw on their magazine display an ad that said Flowers Padala. My interest was piqued.

You can choose from the different flowers that they have on the little cardboard ad. They'll just have you fill out a form, you give your payment, and voila! The flowers are delivered to your special someone within the next two days. Oh. I only had to pay... Err... I can't remember the exact amount. But it was P400+ for 3 long-stemmed roses. Not bad, eh?

The Memet got his roses the very next day. I knew immediately because he sent me a very surprised text message. Hehe! He also got some good teasing from his people in the office. Hahaha!

Here, I took some shots of the flowers the day after he brought them home. The roses were of great quality. :)

Still looked fresh the after 2 days. :)
Beautiful long stemmed roses. :)
The roses stayed pretty for about a week before they started to finally wilt. I thought it was amazing. Haha! I'll be sure to have roses sent via Mail and More's Flowers Padala again when a special occasion comes up. :)

P.S. - Joyce, see? It wasn't so bad. At least, now you know. Hehehe! *Hugs*

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